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British Newspaper Jokowi Equate With the Mayor of London

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As we know, Jokowi is mayor of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Jokowi often equated with world leaders. In the past, the German magazine Spiegel calls Jokowi similar to the Khalifah Harun al-Rashid, Nelson Mandela and Mick Jagger.

Now, a leading British newspaper Independent Jokowi equate with London Mayor Boris Johnson. Jokowi called Boris Johnson of Asia.

The article Jokowi about written by James Ashton and published on Sunday, January 26, 2014. He gives the title in his "On the road to power? Meet Joko Widodo, Indonesias very own Boris Johnson".

Johnson is a United Kingdom Conservative Party politician and journalist who was elected Mayor of London since 2008. Previously, Johnson served as a member of Parliament of the United Kingdom and the Chief Editor of The Spectator magazine.

The difference now Boris Johnson has been enjoying the beautiful city of London. He has built large projects in London by cooperating with international investors and was able to invite many tourists. While Jokowi still struggling with the issue of the capital Jakarta. Jokowi still have homework to deal with Jakarta one is flooding.

Jokowi explained, already 20 years rivers in Jakarta are not dredged, it would be take around 8 years to free Jakarta from flooding. He is also a headache because there are 34,000 heads of families live along the river. Our main problem now is the most basic human needs. Flooding and traffic congestion. In Jakarta the gap between the rich and the poor is very wide.

To find out more detail the issue of Jakarta, Jokowi did not want to stay long in office. He therefore often neg around Jakarta. One or two hours a day is more than enough (in the office). The problem is not in the office, the problem is out there. Every day I visited the community took to the streets. I could tell what they desire and what they need.

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