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Buleleng Airport Should Equipped Infrastructure Support

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The new airport in Buleleng be equipped facilities and supporting infrastructure. Because without such support, Buleleng Airport will not last long and lonely threatened in the future.

It is the Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, while listening to a presentation from PT. Development Bali Mandiri, which presents the results of a feasibility study for the construction of airports in North Bali, in Wiswa Primary Sabha on Thursday ( 04/03/2014 ).

Pastika said, for equitable development in Bali, both North and South Bali, not only requires the construction of service, but also have to think about supporting facilities around the airport.

"Useless we build an airport that good, if it does not get a passenger up anything, guaranteed service will not last long and will be quiet again in the future. In addition to supporting facilities, infrastructure to the service must also be considered" said Pastika.

On that occasion, Pastika also emphasize again the problem of funding and service operations should be clear and transparent. What should be emphasized also be obtained by the provincial government of Bali with the construction of this airport, because it concerns the life of the Balinese.

Make sure the hope, Kubutambahan chosen as the location of an airport feasibility study by PT Pembangunan Bali Mandiri really technically competent and decent, not because of any other interest in the site selection process.

Besides mention of facilities and supporting infrastructure, Pastika said airport development in North Bali must comply with the social aspects of Balinese culture.

Governor confirms construction of airports in North Bali and must pay attention to indigenous Balinese culture, given the daily life of the people can never be separated from religious rituals and customs are still adhered to today.

"Do not let our good intentions collide with cultural norms that lead to problems later on. Balinese people still want most of Bali as it is, and they are still afraid of the impact of development which is feared to bring change to their lives. So as much as possible the construction of the airport is clearly disseminated to the public" he said.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT. Development Bali Mandiri, Nur Hasan Ahmad, said that this presentation is a refinement with previous FS results in 2013 yesterday. There are a lot of improvements, especially in the field of social and cultural.

"The results ( FS ) this time prefers the values ​​of cultural and religious values​​, such as not to disturb the temple and the grave, not to relocate the residents, even very little land acquisition, only a few hectares of rice fields because of nonproductive land use in Kubutambahan" he said.

He promised that the airport will be built will be of international standard and has met all the technical requirements in terms of both operations until security and are in accordance with national and local regulations government.

"PT . Bali Mandiri not investors, just do some research and talked to the head area. If it is deemed feasible, it will open the bidding process to investors, and of course the tender process will be transparent to the community and society and the government so that the government knows the benefits to be gained from the construction of the airport " he explained.

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