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California surfer, 14

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Meg4For some people, surfing is a passion. But for Meg Roh, it’s an obsession.

The 14-year-old from Dana Point, California, goes surfing literally every day, and on Friday she achieved  a remarkable milestone: two full years of riding waves, without missing a day.

That’s 730 consecutive days of driving to the beach (usually with her stepfather, Sam Hann), paddling out and catching at least four waves, regardless of how sloppy conditions might be or how poorly she might feel. Meg2

“After two years, my goal is 1,000 days and maybe three years … you never know,” she says.

Perhaps as impressive is that the eighth-grader from Ladera Ranch Middle School has maintained a 4.0 grade-point average throughout the two-year span, and recently earned a California scholar-athlete award.

It’s worth noting that the Guinness World Record for consecutive days surfed belongs to Northern California’s Dale Webster, who according to Guinness surfed his 10,407th day in February of 2004 (a streak that began in 1975).

That is simply phenomenal.

But Meg is a girl with a busy schedule, and obligations associated with being a teenager. She rises at 5 a.m. each weekday morning and catches waves before being driven to school.

If rain falls or a cold wind howls, or if the waves are tiny or huge, she still paddles out.

Said Sam Hann: “Rain or shine she paddles out. Even when she was sick she wouldn’t let her mom take her temperature until after she got back from surfing, in fear her mom would not let her go surfing.”

When Meg reached her one-year milestone, Dennis Kemp, who shapes her boards, told the Orange County Register: “For a girl that young to have that kind of dedication and fortitude, to come out here every day—good, bad, whatever—it’s phenomenal. There’s a champ in that little body there just waiting to bust out.”

Meg bemoans the fact that her middle school does not have a surf team, but hopes to compete on a team in high school.

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