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Close Yahoo News and Community Services in China

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Yahoo's search engine companies shut down service (news) and communities in China, following the closure of its email service last month.

China is now the home page redirect (redirects) the user to a page which is run by Alibaba, the company also managed Yahoo China, according to the BBC in a report on Monday (3/9).

In the message that appears on the page before the user is redirected to another site, Yahoo said that it is an "adjustment operations strategy".

The move was also implies that his staff will work to handle content Alibaba and Yahoo users thanked for their support.

Yahoo could not be reached for comment on it.

Yahoo faces huge competition in the Chinese market. Social media services such as air-platforms-Twitter Weibo offered very popular in China.

Yahoo has a significant stake in Alibaba, an online retailer of business-to-business that has a license to run its services in China.

Some analysts suspect that the services that are owned by Alibaba benefited from its relationship with Yahoo.

"Yahoo China has been under Alibaba for years.'s Most valuable property that had been cut and used," said Li Zhi, an analyst with Analysys International to IT World. "Alibaba is no longer need to have a Yahoo China is already squeezed dry,

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