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Colorful Hill sightings in Oregon

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Painted Hills is one of three sites on the National Monument John Day Fossil Beds. The monument is located in Wheeler County, Oregon. The Painted Hills are so named because of its uniqueness layer of natural colors that occur in its hills. Colorful hill is formed by the region's ecology and was once quite badly hit by flash floods. After the colors began to appear almost unnaturally as intentionally created by paint. 

In fact, these colors have been formed over 35 million years ago by a layer of volcanic ash produced by the eruption of an ancient river that is located in the plains. Over time, a layer of dense ash containing minerals are compacted into a variety of colors, forming this layer. This color is also caused due to flood plain sediments hundreds of years ago.

Additionally, the formation of color that can shift and change throughout the day aided by sunlight. The best time to visit this colorful hill after a rain storm when the color began to surface intensified. The colors of which there are orange, yellow, until golden. With a blend of black lines and gray. 

In April and May, among the hills will be covered with small flowers in every crevice. This adds to the beauty of the hills are like paintings. Sights like this of course attracts hundreds of photographers to capture the moment. This area is open to the public throughout the year with fairly easy access. The place is also often used as a vehicle for local tourist picnic.

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