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Colorful Sand in the Land of Seven Colors Chamarel

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The Land seven color or in French Terres des Sept Couleurs is an attraction at the same geological formations that can be found in the Chamarel, Rivire Noire District, southwest of Mauritius. The Land of Seven Color Chamarel is one of the prime tourist attractions of Mauritius since 1960. Its territory is composed of sand dunes that is not too broad. But what makes it special is the sand that consists of seven colors. When viewed the overall, this hill looks like surrealism style paintings with layers of red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow.

As written Wikipedia, estimated colorful shades of sand in places it occurs because molten volcanic rock that cooled at different temperatures. The material volcanic in the form of basalt rocks experiencing decomposition process into clay, then turned into a ground feralitic because hydrolysis process. The residue from the process is a mineral and aluminum. The The two objects that make the red and blue-purple on the sand in the Land of Seven Colors.

Interestingly, if you take a handful of sands in this hill and mix it up, the sand will separate themselves according to the color, as if forming spectrum a rainbow color. Odder still, the sands in the hills have never experienced erosion although falling rain and wind over many years.


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