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Come to Enjoy the Beauty of Blang Kolam Waterfall in Aceh

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Ten years ago, no one would dare to visit Sido Mulyo village, Kuta Makmur subdistrict, North Aceh. In fact, the area storing "paradise" charming nature, Blang Kolam waterfalls.

When the grip of armed conflict in Aceh, no citizen dared not visit the actual location is beautiful. The guns battle between security forces and militants often occur around Blang Kolam.

However, it is a long story. Now, after the armed conflict ended, residents re-visit these attractions. To get there, visitors can choose the path towards Simpang Cunda Lhokseumawe Kuta Makmur which is about 20 kilometers.

Unfortunately there is no public transport to the site, so visitors should use private vehicles. Every weekend dozens of people visited tourist attraction in the former location of the war. When he arrived there, visitors must descend 99 steps dull without the paint before discovering the beauty of the waterfall Blang Kolam.

Having exhausted down the ladder, the lapping of the water that falls as a direct heal all tired in the body. At the top of the waterfall, there is a puddle of water if stored in a giant cup.

The water comes out of the groove and the small rivers of the area. About four years ago, former Vice Regent of North Aceh, Syarifuddin make a mini zoo in the region. Later the zoo was closed. However, the former stables of various animals are still there.

Closing the zoo was conducted in line with the Regent of North Aceh appeal at the time, Ilyas A Hamid not to visit tourist sites. The ban was issued because it was feared breach of Islamic law in these attractions.

Now, even though these places are not opened officially by the Government of North Aceh. However, people continue to come to visit. Charm offered by these places quite natural. Water that is wrapped in a thin moss-green reflected light. As if the water was green.

There is also a four meter high cliff. Young people and sports enthusiasts usually test your nerve by leaping off a cliff and into the water. Shouts heard when they jumped, but an instant later the laughter bubbling feeling of satisfaction.

For you fans of the waterfall, waterfall tourism Blang Kolam elevation of 10 meters this should be included in the list of visits. One of the local community, North Aceh government hopes to manage a tourist attraction it seriously.

"In the 1990s, tourism was already a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists when visiting Aceh. About the application of Islamic law, might look nice pattern in order to avoid violation of law, "he said.

In addition, one of the local community said if a tourist attraction was "turned on" back complete with all the trimmings would carry its own sustenance for local communities. "Hopefully this is also considered by the government," he said.

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