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Coming to this Park same with Visit The 60 Countries

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There is so much diversity that you can find in this place. Superkilen could be the most genius of a development project in the world. Because the public park built in the district of Norrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark, is regarded as one of the most ethnically diverse environment and is also considered to be very challenging socially.

Designed by art group Superflex in collaboration with the architect landscape architecture firm BIG and Germany, Topotek1, Superkilen constructed by displaying the artistic elements of dozens of countries around the world. There are more than 60 countries who have contributed ideas and genius of the artifacts for the project.

The park has an area of ​​30,000 square meters, and is divided into three segments of color. Segments were painted bright red, orange and pink, focusing on aspects of leisure and modern life. While darker colors in the center of the park is a square garden has a landscape that is adorned with a white stripe.

The park is dominated by the color green depicts hills, trees and plants suitable for a picnic, sports and walk around with a pet. Many objects in this park that are specifically imported or duplicated from foreign designs, such as the swing of Iraq, the bench of Brazil, Morocco and the fountain of trash from the UK.

"When our team was invited to propose projects in this environment, we realize that we must do more than just ordinary urban design. Hence, we decided to collect the local geniuses and those who have global experience to create the best design in the world consisting from 60 countries of different cultures, "says Nanna Gyldholm Moller, led the BIG project to Design Boom.




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