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Culinary Festival Gianyar

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The annual event Gianyar Culinary Festival (GCF) held a series of fill to the 243 anniversary of Gianyar City. Festival on 19-22 April 2014 brings together a number of related circles, ranging from practitioners, professional chefs, foodies, expert horticulture, animal husbandry experts, entrepreneurs, and hospitality industry.

"Through this event we invite us to restore the natural orientation in which the foot rests. Everything should start from us with respect to the local fruit, preserve local culinary, Greening environment, and recognize the potential of the environment," said Regent Gianyat AA Gde Agung Bharata.

The series of the festival program will involve all districts in Gianyar in Bali native culinary competitions such as suckling pig, chicken betutu, lawar, Balinese snacks and satay wrap. This year also were invited to judge the MURI Gianyar with satay wrap most. Implementation satay wrap followed by 45 vocational schools with number 1000 wrap skewers for each school in an effort to preserve local culinary and cultural binder.

Some are expected to be the output of this program is facilitated cooperation Sababay Winery with entrepreneurs like farmers and the Department of Tourism to open wineries land (vineyard). The festival also serves as a bridge that connects between market demand and supply to be provided so that the relationship can be synchronized.

One of the key events that want maketh flower buds are appointed as Gianyar icon that symbolizes loyalty and awareness of preserving nature. The festival is also to introduce green products and horticultural, especially in the school of tourism, hotels, and restaurants, in order to bring forth regulations that would require hotels and restaurants tourism in Bali Gianyar to use crops.

The event was initiated by the Government of Gianyar and supported by the entire Department that recommends the implementation to Sababay Winery, Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) and Ubud Chef Community (UCC), in collaboration with the Academy of Gastronomy Indonesia (AGI), Junior Chamber International (JCI), Advertising Association of Indonesia, Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association, as well as various communities, organizations, and communities.

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