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Dallol, Green Crater Hottest in the Earth

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Danokil desert located in the northeast of Ethiopia turned out to save the wonders of nature that is not widely known. At the heart of the desert there is a volcano crater which has amazing view, namely Dallol.

Dallol is a crater formed by a volcanic eruption. The plains landscape consists hot springs with high acids, sulfur hills, mounds of salt, and geyser the occasional spouting the gas.

At a glance Dallol looks like a lake with beautiful green water. The surrounding scenery is very impressive, with stones like coral colored bright yellow and orange. Reported curiosity, bright green and yellow lights in the pools of acid was caused by sulfur, iron, and high mineral.

However it turns out Dallol is not quite popular tourist destination. The visitors of this beautiful crater may only amount to a few hundred each year. Dallol is one of the most remote places on earth. Very few people who live around in this place, so Dallol was dubbed the ghost town.

Dallol is touted as one of the hottest places on earth. Temperatures there can reach 94 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperature along with the toxic of gas that are ready to gush at any time from one of the geysers make Dallol a stunning place that also endanger lives.

In addition, conditions of Ethiopian security are quite worrying also contribute to make Dallol hidden from the eyes of the world. Not to mention the risk kidnapped by the local thugs from villages near Dallol.




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