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Dargavs, The Legend of a Ghost Town in The Valley of The River Fiagdon

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Dargavs is an ancient cemetery that is located on the edge of the village Dargavs, in North Ossetia Alania Republic, Russia. This place is often referred to as a ghost town, although the term itself literally means cemetery ghost town in ancient Greece. 

This cemetery is located right on a hillside overlooking the river valley Fiagdon directly. Dargavs itself covers almost 100 ancient stone crypts where the inhabitants of the valley families bury their relatives along with clothing and personal belongings. 

Tomb in Dargavs shaped like a hut with a roof curved inwards and the top of the tapered at the top. This is a typical model of tomb architecture Nakh. The walls of this tomb has a square slit to insert the corpse.

According to the myth and legend that overshadows this cemetery, locals try to avoid the City of the Dead because they believe that anyone passing through the area that will not get out alive. In fact, hardly any tourists who visit this place. Certainly not because of the curse, but the location of this cemetery is difficult to access.

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