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Derawan Island Travel Destinations Mandatory Visited

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derawan island

Derawan? Hearing that name, what your minds? Exotic white beaches, blue sea water, or a beautiful coral reef? Let's refer further on this island.

How to get Derawan?

Almost all the paths used when going to the island Derawan, each track sometimes have no other alternative, of course there are advantages and disadvantages, just adjust it to your circumstances. Following this information.

Air lines

For tourists who are outside Borneo, would be through the air line to get to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, the main gate of a trip to the island Derawan. After arriving in London, the trip has two options.

derawan island

First, through Tarakan, excess cheaper and more flight options. But it will take a long time during the crossing to the island Derawan and must hire a speed boat. The line is suitable for those who go with the group.

Secondly, through Berau, many available car travel are ready to deliver to Tanjung Batu and general speed boat crossing to the island Derawan easily obtained. Through Berau is more suitable for the solo traveler.

The airline that can be used as an option to the Balikpapan is Garuda Air, Sriwijaya Air, Wings Air, Kalstar.


Army pathway normally used by tourists who are still in the island of Borneo. Can be reached by bus or car travel. The route is as follows: Palangkaraya - Banjarmasin - Balikpapan - Samarinda - Tanjung Redeb - Tanjung Batu - Derawan Island.

Hotels & Resorts

Over at Derawan Island, you do not have to worry about a place to stay, because it comprises several islands located around the island Derawan so many people who provide the inn, hotel or resort. Some of them are: Maratua Paradise Resort, Sari Cottage Derawan, Lodging Ilham, Mirroliz Pelangi Cottage, as well as home stay which provided the surrounding community.

derawan island

Object and Tourism Activity

Derawan Island offers a variety of interesting objects that may not be found in other places. Beautiful beaches and underwater scenery is not in doubt.

The existence of 1,051 species of fish found in the waters of the sea with the dominant type Gobes (Gobiidae), Wrasses (Labridae), and Damselfishes (Pomacentridae) as well as various types of coral reefs make the tourists who visit here always took for diving and snorkeling. For you divers, on this island there are several Dive Center with complete equipment.

Sometimes some fish such as Manta Rays, which has a wide reach 3.5 to 6 meters, whales, dolphins and diverse species of reef fish can be seen directly. Animal turtle is also easily found because the beach Derawan a place for a stopover and nesting sea turtles.

If you want to surround Derawan Island, just walk while interacting with the local people of the nice things you can do.

To visit other islands around Derawan island, you can rent a speed boat in accordance with the capacity, speed boat with capacity of 3-4 people the rent is around IDR 1,500,000 - IDR 2,000,000 while the speed boat capacity of 6-12 people approximately IDR 8,000,000 - IDR 10,000,000.

derawan island

Tips traveled

1. Before departure, breakfast beforehand due to travel to the island Derawan long enough and should alternate means of transportation.
2. For those who frequently seasickness, take a hangover because when crossing the sea waves big enough.
3. Perform price negotiation when it wants to hire a speed boat, it can save expenses during the tour. If you are lucky, you can get a cheaper rental rates.
4. Use a sunblock.
5. If you want to snorkel, choose in the morning or afternoon, because at this time of low tide and the sun is not too hot.
6. If you would like to see turtles laying eggs, come out at night or early morning.




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