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Derbyshire Blue Lagoon, a Beautiful but Dangerous Lake in England

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If you've ever watched a movie called Blue Lagoon, you surely remember the blue water lagoon with beautiful tropical island that became the background in the film. In the UK, precisely in the area of ​​Harpur Hill, Derbyshire there is a small lake with a beautiful blue color similar to the lagoon in the film. Because the locals named the former mine site of the lake is actually named the Far Hill Quarry The Blue Lagoon.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the former mining lake is a popular place among the locals for swimming, especially in the summer. Because water is a beautiful blue lake that reminds them to the lagoon in the Bahamas.

But unlike the lagoon in the Bahamas where the water is clear, the epidermis is very poisonous lake. Lake water pH level reaches 11.3 meaning highly alkaline lake water or in other words poisonous. Beautiful blue color comes from a chemical calcium oxide. The chemical is a byproduct of the mine excavation process first. With high toxicity, this lake water can cause skin diseases and other health disorders in contact with humans.

Actually, the local government and the owner of the land where the Blue Lagoon was already giving warning role in prohibition for the visitors to swim with the lake water is highly toxic. But many ignore it and desperate to swim there. As a result, in 2013 the lake water colored black so that the locals are not interested anymore to come again.

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