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Do you know the history of Kecak Dance Bali?

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Kecak dance is one of Bali's most popular dance that was created in the 1930s. This dance is played by tens or more male dancers who sat lined up in a circle and with a certain rhythm called "cak" and raised both hands, depicting the Ramayana when Rama's line of apes help fight Ravana. Kecak own words, supposedly taken from their call when dancing the "cak-cak-cak", and over time became the Kecak. 

Kecak dance derived from the Sanghyang ritual, the tradition where the dancers in a state of unconsciousness due to communication with God, or the spirits of the ancestors and then convey its expectations to the community. In the Kecak dance does not use musical instruments and only use the bells worn on the feet of the dancers who are playing the characters of Ramayana. While the dancers are seated in a circle wearing a checkered cloth wrapped around their waist.

Kecak dance was created in the 1930s by Wayan Limbak and the German painter Walter Spies. They created the dance based on ancient tradition and take sanghyang of part of the Ramayana story. This dance became popular when Wayan modulus with his Balinese dancers tour around the world to introduce the Kecak dance. Until now Kecak dance Bali became famous and staged every day. 

The uniqueness of this Kecak Dance is not accompanied by musical instruments / whatever as gamelan dance in general, but only accompanied by a choir of about 70-100 men. This dance comes from the type of sacred dance "Sang Hyang". At the Sang Hyang dance being possessed by a spirit communicating with the gods or ancestors that have been purified. By using the dancers as the media liaison of the gods or ancestors can convey their saying. In 1930 began the epic story of Ramayana is inserted into the dance.

Plot Kecak Dance can be briefly described as follows: 

scenes I 
Rama, Sita and Lakshmana entered the arena. Then came the golden deer, asks Rama to catch it. Rama left Sita guarded by Lakshmana. Suddenly, he heard screams for help. According to Sita, it certainly sounds Rama, Sita and Lakshmana asked for help. Since the accused was about to make a profit on the death of Rama, Lakshmana were furious and left Sita alone.

scene II 
Ravana abducted Sita would appear but to no avail. But the sense jahatnyaRahwana transformed into Bhagavan (parents) who are thirsty and asked for water be taken by Goddess Sita. Having brought the water, and Sita was taken away by the fact that Bhagavan is Ravana. Sita then screaming for help and screams are heard by Eagle in flight skies, then Garuda helping Sita. But his help was not successful because of its wings broke slashed by Ravana. Sita was taken away to Lanka by Ravana temple. 
scenes III 
Accompanied by his servant, Rama and Lakshmana Truna being lost in the woods Ayodya Pura. Remember with his wife Sita who is taken away by Ravana to Lanka temple. Lakshman assisted by Hanuman (the Monkey White) bring the ring to Lanka Rama Sita temple for granted.

scenes IV 
Accompanied Trijata nephew Ravana, Sita lament his fate in the Garden Palace Alengka. Hanuman (The Monkey White) appears, he says that he is the messenger of Rama and Rama ring he showed he was carrying. Sita then handed the flowers to be delivered to the message that Rama Rama rescue immediately. And Hanuman immediately went to the park Alengka temple, then tear apart until there is formed. The Abdi Alengka Pura surprised to see the situation that has been severely and immediately ordered the giants to look for the troublemakers Si and Hanuman was caught and tied up and burned. However, because of his power Hanuman finally escaped death and Sita can be saved.

At this time Kecak dance is very easy to find you can come watch the performances are done every day like at Uluwatu temple area, Batubulan and Kesiman.




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