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Dolphin at Lovina Beach Bali

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Lovina Beach is located at around 9 km west of Singaraja, and is one of the attractions that are quite popular in North Bali so you can make a tour of this place. The beach is known for interesting attractions is Bali Dolphin Watching in Lovina beach, where local and foreign tourists are very happy watching from the coast or take a small boat heading offshore in order to be close to a swarm of these dolphins.

Dolphins classified into intelligent mammals. One was seen on the attitude of dolphins in helping humans, if the fish is already trained, you can see the brilliance perform beautiful jump through hoops of fire or playing with the children - small children in the pool just do not forget after that you must give them some fish small which is a favorite food of this cute animal. Abroad, dolphins - dolphins often used as a tool to help medical therapy to reduce stress levels in some groups of people from young to old age so as to give them a feeling of calm and entertained.

Lovina Beach is one of the attractions in Bali with very enchanting natural scenery, has a black sandy beach and is very smooth which is located in the north of the island of Bali. For tourists who love the atmosphere of quiet, away from the hustle - bustle of the city, and crave tranquility, very precisely to do a tour or holiday trip to this beach.

Besides famous for dolphin attraction - dolphins, so that the side of the highway is common dolphin-shaped sculpture - dolphin 5m, mainly built near the entrance to the tourist area Lovina. Another attraction that you should try is water recreation such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking or just soak in sea water.

Do not forget, when night comes, you can do a leisurely stroll to the town of Singaraja to enjoy delicious culinary treats and cheap as seafood dishes, siobak Bali or Balinese dishes such as rice mix and pork roll. Guaranteed you must be very enjoyable holiday. Congratulations plan a holiday to Bali, you can try a full day tour to Lovina which continued west toward the waterfall Gitgit and Denpasar.

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