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Don't Miss Pearl Festival in Lombok in this August

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Bali Tour - Lombok Sumbawa Pearl Festival


Besides paradise beaches, Lombok also famous as the one of the pearl-producing region of international class. If you are interested in hunting original pearls don't miss this annual event who will be held in Lombok Sumbawa Pearl Festival.

The festival will be organized by the Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara on 18 August to 16 September. This international festival is regularly held every year since 2010 ago. The main purpose of this festival is to raise the pearl industry in Lombok. Pearls of NTB is recognized by Head of Culture and  Tourism of Nusa Tenggara Tengah province competing with pearls from other countries. As long this pearl of this area is still difficult to compete because of the price issue. Price of Lombok pearl is little bit expensive because use natural production process of shellfish.

Bali Tour - Lombok Pearl

Lombok Sumbawa Pearl Festival is also part of Lombok Sumbawa Cultural Month in which the arrangement of the event also aimed to enliven the Bali Arts Festival. But the most important thing is to introduce a variety of crafts from Lombok pearls throughout the world.Although it has expensive price than the pearls from other countries, but the Lombok pearls has its own advantages. Pearls were sold is original and comes from pearl farming that has its own peculiarities compared to other products.

This event will be followed by some countries such as China, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom. It is hoped they will be buyers at once a way for entrepreneurs pearl in Lombok to widen its market. Come on guys come and  don't miss this festival.




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