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Edward Sowden, NSA Pay U.S. $ 150 Million British Intelligence

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Edward Snowden still had a leak spying National Security Agency (NSA) recently reported the newspaper The Guardian, UK, on ​​Thursday (08/01/2013). Turns NSA paid U.S. $ 150 million for British intelligence.

NSA paid U.S. $ 150 million to the GCHQ (Government Commucation Head Quarter), the British intelligence agency, for three years in order to influence the organization of data collection operations. Payment was revealed by The Guardian that gets new leak of hacked documents Snowden.

The document illustrates that the NSA GCHQ hopes to act for the benefit of the NSA. NSA wants to get returns on investment (return on investment), wrote The Guardian, Thursday.

GCHQ office development in Bude, southwest England, at a cost of more than U.S. $ 20 million, also paid by the NSA. This facility is able to intercept information from the cable containing transatalntik komunukasi Internet and other information.

Such disclosure is contrary to the denials of the British government ministers that GCHQ did "dirty work" NSA. In addition, the leaked info from Snowden mentions detail how a British spy operation it could be a "selling point" in the eyes of the U.S..

Document in 2010 which cited The Guardian revealed the nature of the relationship between the two organizations, which declared that the U.S. "continues to increase the number of problems related to his request to meet the minimum expectations of the NSA". This confirms that the GCHQ "still meets all NSA request".

This document states the purpose and extent of GCHQ wants to harvest the data telephone and Internet traffic, which aims to "exploit every telephone call, anywhere, anytime"

This diary also reveals a sharp increase in the volume of data that can be accessed England. Over the last five years, the quantity of Internet traffic and mobile telephone increased by 7,000 percent. But 60 percent of the sari-starch British intelligence was supplied by the NSA.

In terms of supplying documents, Snowden repeatedly told this newspaper that "This is not just a U.S. problem" and GCHQ was "more depraved than the U.S.."

Apparently, the British spy agency is mengkambing scapegoating of Russia and China by exaggerating the cyber attacks against the British. While GCHQ and NSA duet together to improve its cyber warfare capabilities.

The documents detailing how the NSA to provide funds for GCHQ at U.S. $ 38.4 billion in 2009 and U.S. $ 60 million in 2010, including $ 6 million for GCHQ to support NATO troops in Afghanistan. In 2011/12 the NSA to pay another U.S. $ 52.8 million to GCHQ. Incredible.

This leak shows that the UK is actually afraid of the NSA. "The perception, the partnership with the U.S. could weaken GCHQ, which in turn leads to loss of access to, and / or reduced investment in the NSA GCHQ."

Snowden leaking information to the public in June being tapper that GCHQ communications global network, collects data phone, Facebook uploads and history on the Internet. It also details how GCHQ to share data with the NSA.

This document shows that in addition to managing a 600 meter telephone conversation "event" per day that tapped into more than 200 fiber-optic cable and has a capacity of more than 46 analyzed the data in a single time. Operation nicknamed "tempora" has been going on for 18 months now released documents obtained by Snowden.

Fiber-optic cables have a load capacity of 10 gigabits of data per second speed, which means that theoretically could pour speed 21 petabytes of information per day. The program continued to develop skills on a daily basis.

Snowden finally got the blessing. He was awarded temporary asylum for one year from the Russian government. He unplug from the airport Sheremetyo, go some where, just by using the airport taxi, according to his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena,




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