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Enjoy the Beautiful Crater 'False' in the Lake Myvatn, Iceland

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At first glance, you would have thought that the basins on the island green is a volcanic crater. This fact is apparent crater that characterizes the islands around Lake Myvatn. According Amusing Planet, craters were found in an area surrounded Skutustaoir vast lake. Craters is a natural monument that is frequented by tourists.

Basins on the island of Lake Myvatn is one form pseudocraters formed naturally. What is a false crater? According to Wikipedia apparent crater is a patch of land in the area resembles basins-shaped volcanic crater of the volcano. Although both are formed due to the volcano's crater, but the crater basins where ventilation is not apparent when the mountain erupted lava menyemburnya. Apparent crater formed by the explosion of steam from hot lava flowing through wet surfaces such as swamps, lakes, or ponds. Skutustaoir area itself is located in a lava flow path also passes through the valley Laxardalur and Alftaver.

Crater Lake Myvatn own pseudo formed due to volcanic eruptions that occurred about 2,300 years ago. Lava from the eruption of the volcano flowed down the valley to the plains Laxardalur Aoaldalur and enters the Arctic Sea. 

At that time there was a large lake in Mvatn. When lava flows in the lake a few snaps of the lake sediment was trapped underneath it. Furthermore, the steam explosion that threw frozen lava lake sediments along the air, leaving basins that last for thousands of years.

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