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Enjoy The Day on Hari Island, Southeast Sulawesi

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diveFrom a distance it seems so smooth shoreline wave carved small fine wag shoreline. Frame a view of the beach, dune island green, and crystal water bath. Everything is so charming, simple, honest, and confirms once again that natural resigned in humans. 

For you lovers of nautical tourism may already be familiar with Bali, Lombok, or Raja Ampat. However, did you know that in South-East Sulawesi there is an island that is not less beautiful with the third tourist destination? The island has a fascinating maritime landscape and nature was still natural.

Hari island located in the eastern part of the District Soropia, Kendari. This beautiful island is one of a cluster of islands, namely Bokori Island, Hari Island, Saponda Darat Island, and Saponda Laut Island. The beautiful islands of the closely spaced. 

Hari Island became one of the favorite places of nautical tourism in Southeast Sulawesi province, despite the fact that the island is uninhabited.

Hari Island in the oral traditions of local communities to save a bit of an interesting myth. Previously spoken in this island sits a beautiful angel dressed in red semenawan incredible allure of natural beauty.

Hari Island is a dive site that is challenging for you who like diving or snorkeling at a depth of 7 to 8 feet. The water is so crystal clear shine that allows you to watch the stunning underwater beauty. Seaweed and coral reefs in these waters is also awesome because arranged neatly arranged like a gardener reliably. 

Marine parks in the region rich in marine life, from small to large. You can meet some beautiful colored fish, such as clown fish, angel fish, fire shrimp, shrimp anemo, ascidians, sea rose, and nudibranchs. If lucky, you may see Electrik clamp, the sea shells that give off light at night. There is also a fish that is almost extinct, coral trout include some lean fish and cuttlefish. Maybe you see the attraction of a rare turtle that swims in the sea.

Hari Island is a perfect place for those who crave tranquility from the busy routine of city life and fatigue. Heaven the small size of 15.9 hectares have clear water shimmering glass bath at a temperature of 28 to 34 degrees Celsius. Fine, white sand here will invite you to walk barefoot on the edge of the beach. 

Around the island there are some amazing dive sites. Not only have one or two but 13 different dive sites that will surely make you linger tested beauty. Witness the fascinating underwater beauty with diverse marine life will be an experience you never forget.

Surrounding islands, such as Saponda Darat Island and Sampoda Laut Island, had an awesome dive location and the distance is only about 50 meters. Other points you can find Labuan Peropa seaboard. For those who like fishing then you can hire a local fishing boat to take you to Saponda. The fish that you can fishing in this island is usually a fish screen or sailfish. 

If you want something more lightweight so it can get around the island to watch the variety of maleo birds that fly looking for an opportunity to catch their prey in the water. If lucky, maybe here you can watch turtles lay their eggs. The island is also an attractive location for photography lovers. Shooting your camera to capture the beauty of the Island Day every curve.




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