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Enjoying the beauty of the red beach in Panjin

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Place the red beach nickname is located in the Liaohe River delta, 30 kilometers from the city of Panjin, China. This beach gets its name because the beach area covered bright red color.

The bright red color due to plant Suaeda salsa, a type of seaweed that thrives in the ground with high salt levels. This grass grow from April to May. At the time the plants are still green. Only when entering the autumn change to red color, making entire beach area was covered in red.

The scenery that hunted by tourists, since the autumn of this beach looks like a stretch giant tapestry of red awesome. Times like this are usually a lot of tourists who visit. But because most of the Red Beach area is a conservation area, so only a small portion that open to the public.

Uniquely, the beach is also a habitat for red heron. So visitors can see a flock of red heron looking for food while enjoying the natural beauty around that red as well. According Amusing Planet, this beach is also the widest reed swamp in Asia. The reed are exploited and used as raw material in the paper manufacturing industry.

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