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Enjoying Three beach in Nusa Dua

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Nusa Dua in Bali is synonymous with five star hotels and luxurious. In fact, Nusa Dua also offers beautiful beaches in around this hotel. Try to go to Nusa Dua BTDC area. To reach this area can be rented car or ride the Trans Sarbagita.

There are three favorite beach in Nusa Dua. All three can be visited in a day. First stop at the Nusa Dua Beach. The beach is close to Bali Collection, so close to the stop Trans Sarbagita. On the shore there are trees jamblang already scarce in Bali. The fruit such as grapes but more dense and tends to sour.

This beach is so calm waves with a long coastline. The atmosphere is also quite shady, as filled with shady trees. Just sitting on the beach enjoying the breeze is also very soothing. 

Moving on to the other coast is a Beach Water Blow. Actually not be called a beach. Therefore, this region over a steep cliff with the waves that struck the edge of the cliff.

Water Blow location close to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. There is a field of grass and thereafter the path to the gate. At the gate reads "Blow Water", from here simply walk to the location of the cliff ledge.

Impression is dangerous, but this area has been made conblock road and guardrail. Uniquely are the waves of the Indian Ocean that glides quickly collided with the cliff ledge.

Right in the large gap are narrowed, and slammed into the waves crashed into the top. So as if the waves spraying and dancing into the air. Generate large waves towering wave exposure.

As a result, visitors are at the edge of the cliff was ready to wet "dance" waves. If from a distance, the waves looked like white foam fan. Tourists who love to take pictures will definitely love this beach.

The next trip was to the Geger beach. This beach has long been a tourist favorite local beach. Waves were calm so it is suitable for children to swim. The location is adjacent to the Hotel Nikko Bali.

Rather long coastline and white sand. On the banks of the many shade trees suitable to hold a picnic mat and relaxing. At the end of the beach there is a small coral island. Take a walk on the island into its own preoccupations.

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