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European Union and ASEAN Maritime Cooperation increase

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Foto: dok.AseanJakarta-European Union (EU ) and ASEAN re- expand cooperation. Times the area of ​​maritime maritime or more commonly referred to a point of course the two organizations in different countries of the continent.

d in Jakarta, from 18 to 19 November 2013, the ASEAN and EU meetings initiated by the Habibie Center and the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cooperation. Maritime problem is believed by both parties is a complex problem and comes in many ways. Up in this dialogue there are a variety of topics related to maritime cooperation will be discussed. Several stages of maritime cooperation began with forging equalizer Eropean Union and ASEAN maritime pesepsi.

This is very relevant to international maritime policy frame. Regional maritime capacity and capability of linkage -based inter-state and domestic society. As reported by the written evidence received Okezone, Tuesday (11/19/2013).

Furthermore, the expected dialogue European Union and ASEAN delegates will exchange ideas, train together and learn together. Applied to the case of the above beliefs, particularly to ASEAN in order to resolve some concerns in the maritime region of Southeast Asia.

The last thing discussed is planned , the unique identifier , the introduction of the problem and penangkalannnya. All aspects of the above dialogue is hoped to provide these solutions to be almost the entire ASEAN country except Laos has a coastline and would depend on the sea.




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