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Exploration beautiful island in 17 Islands of Riung Flores

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Exploration beautiful island in 17 Islands of Riung Flores

Want to a vacation to Raja Ampat but only have a limited budget? Travelers can divert to other tourist destinations that have the charm of the landscape and not less interesting, namely 17 Riung island located in East Nusa Tenggara.

On this island many a tourist attraction tucked away from the beach which presents a beautiful underwater scenery, hot spring, hill, until savanna. Although the location is far and the access quite hard, but will be paid by the wonderful charm.

Bathing in Hot Spring Mengeruda

hot spring mengeruda

The trip can be started from Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta to Kupang with the airline Lion Air for IDR 1,909,900. It turns out these prices are not going alone, but including the price of come back from Kupang to Jakarta. Arriving at Kupang, proceed back towards Turelelo Soa Airport. From Turelelo Airport, tourists can enjoy the hot spring pools Mengeruda not far from the venue.

From the airport to Mengeruda, tourists can use the services of a public bus or heading to Bejawa (capital city of Nagada) to rent a vehicle that will be ready to take to Riung. The advantages of using rental services are able to choose an alternative to heading Riung, such as through the detour Mbay and along the northern coast line.

Satisfied after enjoying the hot spring that relax the body, to continue the journey back with views of the vast savanna and hills, on the right and left of the road.

Rent a Ship To Explore 17 Riung Island

bats island

Upon check-in, hire small boats, canoes, or boats to visit 17 islands. Usually the price of the rental boat, canoe or motorboat IDR 400,000 to IDR 600,000. So tourists can decide which islands to visit.

One of the islands here are famous Bat Island is a habitat of thousands of wild bats. The flying mammals are usually hung in mangrove trees along the coast. Do not forget to visit the beauty of the 16 other islands, such as Batang Kolong Island, Meja, Sui, Tiga, Ruton, Cape Toro Padang, Lainjawa, Wongkoroe, and many others.

Indeed, every corner of the island 17 Riung provide incredible beauty. Capture the moment with panoramic 17 Riung Island and follow promoting Indonesian tourism.


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