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Explore Singapore with Public Bus

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I always like to try public transportation in the city, especially those based rail such as subways, and buses. Excess bus than rail-based system is more extensive coverage and in certain circumstances the number of vehicles that travel a lot more can be done more quickly. In addition, we can see many things while roads. Others with subway sits partially below ground.

Around by bus can create the impression of interesting, because we can meet local people and learn their behavior. In Singapore, not many tourists who want to try the bus transportation although very efficient and effective. Most tourists prefer to use a taxi, bus tours hop on-hop off, or occasionally MRT.

In fact, with the ez-link card purchase, we get cheap rates and convenience. Instead of driving around to pay with coins, cards and more practical to buy the content in a certain nominal, then stay stuck in the machine fare reader at the entrance and exits the bus.

Riding the bus in Singapore is also very easy. Stay up, stick a card, sit or stand, and then out again by putting the card. The fares tend to be cheaper than MRT and more directly reach a place without having to walk a lot!

Public bus operated Conditions SBS Transit and SMRT in Singapore is very convenient and excellent conditioned, almost all have air conditioning. There are some who do not have air conditioning but also clean condition and not seedy.

In terms of time, in my travels over the past six days in Singapore, there's never a late one. Here there is no jostling passengers as Transjakarta - either at a stop or on the bus. The driver also took the initiative to help if we confused direction. Arrangements can be made ​​to the website SMRT, SBS Transit, or applications in your gadget.

MRT can be used for main lines, followed by a bus. In fact, sometimes I prefer to directly use the bus to get to the destination. So, next time to Singapore, try to ride the bus to get around!

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