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Exploring 5 Stuning Hidden Beach in Bali

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Virgin Beach Bukit Asah Hill

Beach is the best asset that became part of the Attraction in Bali. However, did you've heard about the beach with black sand, or hidden beaches in Bali? Here beautifully enchanting beaches are rarely heard from the island of Gods.

1. Amed Beach
Actually the charm of this beach is common in Amed, with a unique black sand beaches are derived from volcanic deposits in the coastal land. However, not only is it that makes it interesting. There are lagoons which very popular as the perfect place to learn snorkel and dive.

2. White Sand Beach or Virgin Beach
This hidden beach in Bali is located in a remote area. Need about 90 minutes to drive from Denpasar to this beach. This beach is hidden between two cliffs in the Perasi village. Along the way we will be see refreshing natural scenery. This beach is very suitable for you who want to cool down and relaxing, swim and sunbathe on the beach while enjoying the seafood.

3. Geger Beach
Located in Nusa Dua, Geger Beach is a popular place visited by many tourists. On this beach, you can swim or play volleyball. This Beach is also the safe location for children. There, you can also enjoy a menu at a restaurant called "Sunday Brunch" by the tourists who had come there.

4.Bias Tugel Beach
Bias Beach Tugel usually also known as Small Beach. The visitors who come mostly adventurers. Although located close to the Padang Bai, you still have to walk and pass through the rocky tracks with a length of 500 meters to the beach edge. Trek starts from Padang Bai Harbour. However, Upon arrival there all the fatigue and exhausted will be paid. We will witness the beauty of the sea with shades of light blue-white-blue with smooth white sand with a soothing coconut trees. However, be careful if you wanna swimming there because of high waves.

5. Karma Beach
Named Karma Kandara beach, it's because the access to this beach you have to pass the Karma Kandara Ungasan Bali hotel. In the hotel there is an elevator to get down the very steep cliff in order for you can go to the beach. Due to the beach access using the facilities of the Karma Kandara Hotel, so it will cost Rp 250,000 / person and you will get your meal vouchers which can be exchanged at one of the restaurants located on the beach. This beach is also known as Finn Beach Bali, because there is a beach club named Finn beach club who owned by Semara Luxury Villa Resort. Besides through the hotel Karma Kandara Ungasan, you also can access the beach from the Semara Luxury Villa Resort. Equal access costs Rp 250,000 / person and you will get a voucher to eat and drink that can be exchanged at Finn's Beach Club. Karma Kandara beach or beach Finn Bali is one of the most beautiful beach in Bali. Navy blue sea water and not too big waves, also it was very clean beach sand as cared by the hotel. If you ever see a view of the Mediterranean sea, it looks the same as this beach. On this beach, you will very rarely see local tourists, most of the visitors on this beach is the hotel guests who stayed at the hotel Karma Kandara and hotel guests who stayed at Semara Luxury Villa Resort. Infrequent visitors from outside because of the beach access is closed and we have to pay for access to the beach if we do not stay at the hotel.

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