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Exploring The Paradise Island 'Curse' and The Legend of Malin Kundang

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the curse island - the legend of malin kundang

Indonesia offers the natural beauty that seemed endless to be explored. At the western end of Indonesia there is an island called Pasumpahan which offers a natural beauty that is so remarkable and deserves to be visited.


Located in district of Bungus, Padang, Province of West Sumatra, Pasumpahan Island will greet you with the exotic nature that is still fresh. Very fitting for those who want to avoid the bustle of the city hubbub, because the island is uninhabited.

Eyes will be spoiled with clean white sand clashing contrast with the blue sea water. Interestingly coastal sea level is divided into three, transparent color on the side, green on the front and went into the middle of the blue. This is influenced by the depth of the waters around the island are very different.

Going to Pasumpahan very affordable and can be accessed from Padang to rent a fishing boat from Teluk Bayur harbour. Other paths are also available by departing from Banana River by renting a wooden boat or speedboat about 20 minutes at a cost IDR 35,000 per person round trip.

Legend Curse Island and Malin Kundang

Not only save natural beauty, Pasumpahan also has a well-known myth, namely legend of Malin Kundang. According to the trust of local people, this island is the incarnation Malin Kundang sworn mother into stone because of disobedience. Malin Kundang believed that the population is condemned to stone on this island, so the island is called Pasumpahan which means condemnation.

Exploring Heaven in West End

Although the journey is not too far, but it is a pity if exploring the island in just a short time. Many will be missed because they have to rush to catch the boat to return to the city of Padang. A fitting way to enjoy Pasumpahan is by camping. White sand and palm tree leaves flick greet you once invited to enjoy the beauty in it.

Pasumpahan is a paradise for those who have a hobby of photography, exploring new terrain and snorkeling. For those of you who like to snorkel dives around this island with pristine coral reefs. With a depth of 10 meters, coral reef and other marine life has been seen, so colorful and beautiful.

Area waters of the island is enriched by the diversity of marine habitats such as lion fish, turtles, sea urchins and cuttlefish. You can also engage in rehabilitation activities by creating a coral transplantation using a metal structure placed on the seabed.

Because the island is uninhabited, visitors must bring their own tents and supplies to survive for a visit. Don't forget to bring drugs and repellents, sunscreens and medicines. Remember to bring your trash back home when that island was still awake and not dirty.

Indonesia so captivating charm with natural beauty so amazing. Pasumpahan island silence combined with the beautiful beaches and the green of nature will make you dissolve in the greatness of the God who created heaven on earth is so beautiful. All routines are undertaken as missing and when returning back a new man.

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