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Extinct of Bali Tiger

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tigerIf not extinct, the Bali tiger locally called "samong" is also a wealth of invaluable biodiversity. He is the world's smallest tiger, the largest is the Siberian tiger. Weight Bali tiger male between 90 to 100 pounds were females between 65 to 80 pounds. Its size is equivalent to the size of a leopard or jaguar. Its size is an anomaly, generally getting away from the equator, the greater the size of a tiger. Perhaps evolution is due to the small size of the island and has a more limited game.
He has short hair, a dark orange color. Lorengnya less than Javanese and Sumatran tigers, but among striped lorengnya sometimes there are small black spotted leopard. This distinction has led sometimes Bali tiger striped described as having a more tightly.

Like his brother Javanese tiger, Bali tiger extinction partly due to massive hunting during colonial times. It is said that the most major ones for the Bali tiger hunt is to use traps begerigi legs of iron with a goat or deer feed. If you have been caught, he then executed with gunshots to the head from close range. This is then compounded by the type of hunting British style, Shikari, conducted by Dutch people who came to Bali from Java; wherein a proficient hunter tiger hunting as a sport with your "shirkar mir" or master hunter who often recruited from tribes or the local rural people who know the area well.

If the Java tiger was declared officially extinct, not the story if we were to ask those who live in the surrounding forests of Java anyway. With easy we will get evidence of the tiger's kingpin. On this I will not write more because if tracked in google will easily get the articles that question the claim Javan tiger extinction.

According to the villagers Dauh Siong, I Made Pariawan Mardika (37), he has seen with his own eyes for a minute a tiger which he described as high as approximately one meter, red black striped with yellow combined weight of about 70 kilograms. Frightened he got home, his two dogs chasing a tiger which passed into Forest Preserve Block Tukad Balian Palasari. They never returned, and was later found dead with bite wounds on the neck.

Made Sumadi followed by testimony from Banjar Nagasari, on August 5, shocked when I got home after picking cocoa, female goats have not already pregnant. Searches were done with a number of citizens to protection of natural forests to no avail. He was scared because he had heard that two dogs killed the tiger stripes in the neighboring hamlet Dauh Siong. After searching the goat was found dead with bite wounds on the neck, and butt-hole berluabng in a ravine 100 yards from his home.

Until now, after a few months there was no further news of tiger woods’ news this Siong.
If the description of Pak Made correctly, a cursory description of the tiger similar to the characteristics of the Bali tiger in the paragraph above, he described it was not too big and red furry yellow mixed. Is there a dark orange mean?
Out of curiosity, what happened to me because of the profession as a tour guide, often located in areas Selemadeg, and anyhow the West Bali National Park, often if the atmosphere is right, ask the local people about the possibility of the existence of the Bali tiger. There is an answer to a story that a friend of his had seen "samong" near the woods Siong when fishing in the river, no one claimed to have seen footprints.

The most famous story is of a helmsman who used to take guests snorkeling at Menjangan Island, which belonged to a nature reserve. He said they never eat in the woods near the coast of the island of Menjangan. When engrossed in eating, he heard the tiger's roar. He fled frantically to shore. When he thought that it was a hallucination because the tiger was declared extinct, he rested on the beach. But once again heard the voice tiger. Due to exhaustion, his knee could not be invited to run, and he fell silent resignation. But having noticed a growling recurring comes from a starling. He then wondered if the bird can imitate the sound of tigers, from whom he learned to imitate.



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