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Extreme, This Bride did a Photo Session between The Lava Flow!

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extreme wedding

Usually the wedding photos are always brings the concept of monotony. But the couple named Lauren and Alex makes them unforgettable wedding photos with backgrounds different from the others, namely the Kilauea volcano that was spewing lava.

Reported by The Huffington Post, the couple collaborated with photographer Jenna Lee to create a wedding photo album like no other. They are photographed with the background amid lava flowing to the sea.

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The idea of ​​the concept of this photo come from Lee. When the lava from Kilauea began flowing into the sea on the southeast coast of the main island, Lee is determined to do a photo session featuring a volcano. Lee is indeed a wedding photographer is quite experimental. Luckily, fate brings with Lauren Lee and Alex who love adventure. The pair was willing to try a unique concept that offered Lee.

They hiked three miles to reach the lava flow. After that, Lee asks Lauren and Alex posing while standing on lava begins to cool.

extreme wedding 2

"When the lava bubbling toward the coast, rivers small magma will flow and shine bright red before cooling and then become harder," he said. "You could feel the heat radiating from the inside."

Is the photo session as risky as this does not violate the law? According to volcanologist Ken Rubin, chairman of the geology department of the University of Hawaii, the action can not be categorized as illegal. But keep in mind the risks that threaten the safety of visitors. It is better to do a thorough observation before it went to the location of the river of lava.

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