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Extreme weather, Niagara Falls Into Ice

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Niagara FallPolar cold temperatures in some parts of the United States is not groundless. Swoop Polar Vortex of these poles even freeze Niagara Falls, one of the spectacular waterfalls in the world too.

Due to the extreme weather, Wednesday (8/1) or Thursday (9/1) local time, the usual roar of the water flowing into the iceberg is now stiff like stalactites, producing a kind of relief on the walls of the'' water'' Falls.

The most amazing natural phenomena in the region of the American-Canadian border came after temperatures in parts of the U.S. plunged to the point of sub-arctic 52 degrees below zero. This scene will forever be remembered for tourists who brave the cold came and beat around the site. The pictures were taken by Reuters photographer Aaron Harris of Canada showing the giant chunks of'' water'' cascaded up to 170 feet before it hits the big rocks at the base.

Niagara waterfalls visited by approximately 20 million people per year. Tourists from different parts of the Earth are usually three sides of the waterfalls enliven, both in the Americas (American Falls and Bridal Veil) and in the region of Canada (Horseshoe Falls). Under normal conditions, the volume of water reaching more than 500 thousand liters per second, which is the highest range in the world. But the coldest winter storms make the water flow falls at Niagara'' failed''.

The last few days the U.S. is really like a giant freezer. As reported by CNN, the temperature continued to swell since last week made ​​the Mississippi River also icy and snow. Weather changes are expected soon happen today or next  Saturday.

Warmer air is expected to bring rain, drizzle and fog, bumping the temperature is still below freezing. The result is what is called the National Weather Service as cold oplosan, transform frozen into the snow. Authorities in six states said the worst weather in the last two decades has claimed 23 lives.




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