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Famous Only In Six Weeks

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One story was never revealed until now is how the Beatles changed in a matter of weeks is not reputed to be the most sensational music group in America. "The way the Beatles bullet from famous not able to conjure up 73 million viewers the Ed Sullivan Show is a combination of perseverance, luck, right time, and the spirit, " said Steve Greenberg, author of How the Beatles Went Viral in 1964.

Perhaps it is true, on the Sullivan show managed to create Beatlemania in America. But the Beatles had actually set foot on the continent before they guested on the program itu. Greenberg, Grammy-winning producer at the same time music historian, asserts kesohoran the Beatles in America in six weeks has been phenomenal. Moreover, when there was no MTV, the Internet, social media, and iTunes.

Starting in late 1962, the Fab Four - a term for manned bands John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr - is so well known throughout the UK and some countries in Europe, as reported by Forbes magazine last month. But beyond that, they are not welcomed, including by the record company shade.

Greenberg wrote the Beatles managed to maintain their fame through three songs on tour and best-selling label EMI, namely Love Me Do, Please, Please Me and From Me to You. Capitol Records, a subsidiary of EMI, and then obtained a license released three songs in the United States. It is amazing, the third song was not popular.

Capitol then transferred the license for three songs to a small record company. To the extent that Capitol officials, Dave Dexter, said the prospect of the Beatles in America has sunk. The Beatles She Loves You then released in August 1963 and immediately dominate the charts in the UK. But as reported in the U.S. a month later, the song is not favored. When played in the American Bandstand television program, She Loves You was ranked 73 out of a hundred songs. " When the presenter Dick Clark lifted a photograph of John, Paul, George, and Ringo even ridiculed the teenagers present at the studio, " said Greenberg.

In England the reaction is quite different . Beatlemania overflow. Saban appearances, the Beatles flooded their loyal fans. Media vying presents the most interesting headlines about the band from the port city of Liverpool. Finally on October 29 the Washington Post newspaper headlines titled wrote Thousands of Britons Riot. to describe the sensation of the Beatles.

Two days later, on Halloween day, 1963, the star begins to illuminate the Beatles. American famous presenter Ed Sullivan was at Heathrow International Airport, London Capital, while more than a thousand fans welcome home of the Beatles performing in Sweden . Sullivan appeared curiosity. He remembered the similar behavior of fans of Elvis Presley a few years earlier. The show earned a perfect rating when holding Presley as a guest star.

On November 4th, the Beatles performed in front of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. British media reports writes about the show the next day and called the Beatles as a national hero. Ed Sullivan and the search team talent in the UK began to keep track of Beatlemania.

Although it sold a million copies in the UK, Capitol Records released the song refused I Want to Hold Your Hand in America. But the Beatles manager Brian Epstein did not want to give up. On the day the Beatles perform in front of Queen Elizabeth, he flew to New York to meet Ed Sullivan. Once an agreement is reached twice met the Beatles going to New York in February 1964 and recorded three of their appearance. The first recording will be launched on February 9.

Deal for perform at the Ed Sullivan leaking. In December 1963, a number of influential magazines, including Time, Newsweek, and Life, presents a major report on the Beatles. Although it has received widespread attention from the media in America, but the songs of the Beatles have not got a chance in the play at the radio station.

Until finally launched Capital Records I Want to Hold Your Hand in the inaugural 1964. The presence of the Beatles is the same American people are in mourning over the death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. " People, especially young people, really attracted the Beatles. They are hungry for great music full of life. Was something that helped them past the grief, " said Greenberg.

As of mid-December, I Want to Hold Your Hand gaining acceptance in the music world bourses, including Washington and Los Angeles. Until the day after Christmas, Capitol issued a She Loves You and all the songs of the Beatles for millions of fans. A week after Christmas, five songs of the Beatles ruled the charts in the U.S. and late January sold 2.6 jta coffee.

When the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, they are increasingly in the American music scene conjured.

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