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Feeling Not Being Treated Through Pain Medical Tourism

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BIMC Hospital was close to Nusa Dua tourist destinations such as Benoa Water Sport, Beach Pecatu, Uluwatu Beach, Jimbaran Seafood, Bali Nusa Dua Theatre, shopping malls, and surrounded by five-star hotels.

"Nusa Dua known as the place is quiet, so perfect for the holidays."

For the price is priced, Michael Jackson claimed the price is almost the same as a hospital in Jakarta. However, patients can be given the facilities and vacation after treatment or medication.

BIMC Hospital, an international standard hospitals from Bali, not only offers treatment and care for patients. But also medical tourism.

That is, recreational nuanced treatment services. That way, the patient is not afraid of the medical treatment process.

"We've established 14 years ago in Simpang Siur, Kuta, but the concentration to a medical emergency, said Tasya Aulia, Marketing Manager BIMC Hospital to the Tribune, Friday (26/10/2012) in Jakarta.

In May last year, BIMC Hospital opened a hospital in Nusa Dua area by relying on medical tourism. This is done considering the medical personnel from the country itself is not lost with the neighboring countries, are like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Moreover, Bali is famous for its beautiful panoramic sights. So it becomes easier to introduce Bali as a medical tourism in Indonesia.

"Patients Indonesia is still spending money for health care in neighboring countries because of prestige, but we did not lose a great doctor anyway, why not be a medical Bali tourism," he continued.

Because didapuk as medical tourism, BIMC Hospital interior and exterior design unlike other hospitals. Both the exterior and the interior is designed like a villa, there is a personal touch to his patients, and facilitating technology such as personal computers (PCs) with a network of internet, television, and views of the golf course.

"So people do not like the sick who came for the sick."

Tasya pointed hemodialysis patients who need dialysis. Given a comfortable place with internet and PC, allowing it to surf in cyberspace, using the Skype application, while dialysis. This is done so that the patient does not get bored, because treatment takes about five hours.

In addition, BIMC provides plastic surgery or plastic surgery with laser technology and ultrasound-radiofrequency appropriate procedures. However, before doing plastic surgery patients, he should consult a surgeon. In addition to face-to-face consultations, consultations can be conducted via email, and it's free.

If there are patients who are interested in medical tourism, they must first contact the BIMC Hospital. Furthermore, they are offered will stay where it is. If the desired hotel, the BIMC will recommend that patients who have been working to get the special price.

"We have been working with several five star hotels, four, and three. Because there are some people who want to sleep in a three star hotel, which was good medical importance."


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