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Five Luxury Hotels Pamper Women

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LADIES, occasionally need to also relax and traveled alone without the company of lovers. Luxury hotels under the most fitting for you women who want a vacation and spoiled, because the hotel-the hotel offers a variety of facilities for women only. Check out his review below, as quoted by CNN:

Surf Goddess Retreats, Bali
Villa in Bali is suitable for women travelers who want yoga and then relax in the spa bali surfing waves among outstanding. The resort is located on Jalan Kayu Aya, Bali offers guests a package of learning to surf. Then each morning guests will be invited to yoga in a beautiful garden, then relax in the spa with Balinese treatments and eating a delicious and healthy lunch.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers, United Arab Emirates
At the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel, there is a floor exclusively for female guests only. This women-only floors called Chopard Ladies Floor, with 10 guest rooms are ready to pamper women. In it there is a yoga facility, refrigerator contains a complete cosmetic package provided exclusively by Chopard.

Lake Austin Spa Resort, United States
For those of you who want to travel relaxed with women friends, this resort is a fitting place. At Lake Austin Spa Resort, Texas, you can enjoy more than 100 unique body treatments.

Body treatments at the resort's diverse, ranging from Japanese-style acupuncture, massage bamboo, and others. There was also a very wide range of activities such as a cooking class women, gardening, fitness classes, book clubs and seminars on lifestyle.

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort, United States
Not all of the resorts that pamper women only supply things womanhood alone. In this resort, the women will be invited to train as a tough cowboy. Guided by a professional cowboy woman, you will be taught how to ride a horse, herding cattle and explore the farm area of ​​50 miles.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, UK
Despite making a meaty, almost certainly no woman who does not like chocolate. Hotels in the UK This is the only chocolate themed hotel in the world. Rooms are presented with a different chocolate theme, and guests will be invited to attend the classes as interesting as trying chocolate, chocolate making workshop and even made of brown shoes.


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