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Former Mall Bbuilding in Thailand's Fulfilled by thousands of Fish

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From the outside there's nothing special from an abandoned building that was once the New World Mall in Bangkok's city. It is even hidden among the shanties in the palm of street vendors who stand in the chaotic surroundings. But once you get into will find it amazing. The inside of the building, which is filled with water containing thousands of black and white koi fish. 

Koi fish that live in the building formerly used by the mall does sound strange. And this phenomenon does not occur naturally. Reported by the Daily Mail, the mall was closed in 1997 due to unknown causes. In 1999 a fire destroyed most of the building, to make the roof disappear without remainder. 

Rain over the years finally fulfill the building with water. And it was finally abandoned buildings become mosquito breeding that interfere with people's health. To overcome this, local residents expressed a brilliant idea. They intend to put the koi fish seeds on the floor mall that is now changed so that rain water ponds. With the move expected number of mosquitoes there will be reduced because of the fish eaten.

Eventually the plan is realized by the citizens. Seeds black and white koi fish spread in the pool mall. Then the fish were left alone. Not maintained or fed. Not unexpectedly, greeting a few years the number of fish in there already doubled up to thousands. Now the abandoned building into an amazing phenomenon. However not known whether local people ever take the fish in there, given the number of fish there were so abundant.



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