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Free Yoga In Bali

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Free Yoga in Bali, In this article we will discuss about the free Yoga in Bali, the first Yoga has the meaning of oneness with nature or union with the Creator. Yoga focuses on meditation or tapa activity in which a person focuses his whole mind to control the senses and the body as a whole.

If we want to learn yoga, Bali is the right place. There are many places to learn or practice yoga in Bali, among others, in Denpasar, Sanur and Ubud. Interestingly, there are several free Yoga in Bali, exactly in Denpasar. Yoga exercises are done every day, with the guidance of an instructor or guide and can be followed by anyone regardless of race, religion, age, and other restrictions. Fun, you do not need to pay anything to follow this yoga practice. So, for those of you who want to be healthy but want to get out the cost, no need to worry. Come to Denpasar and join free Yoga exercises in Bali!

At least there are a few places free Yoga in Bali actually Denpasar:

  • Field Niti Mandala Renon (at the corner of the northeast and to the east of Bali People's Monument / Bajra Sandhi Monument)
  • Sanur Beach

The practice of yoga in three places is coordinated by "YOGA PASEMETONAN ASANA SEGER OGER." The instructor is the founder YOGA PASEMETONAN ASANA SEGER OGER, among others: Anna Liparissa, Nyoman Gede Purnama (Mr. Ode), Ida Bagus Candi (Mr. Putu), and Mr. Sondra.

Free Sunrise Yoga at Niti Mandala Renon Field
Free Yoga in Bali the first in Niti Mandala Renon Square, in the northeast corner. The practice of yoga here is start every day, at 07:00 to 08:00am. Anyone can join for yoga here for free, Young or old, male or female, beginner or already proficient, all may join a yoga practice as long as physical and mental health as well as bring their own mat. Capital us to follow the practice of yoga here is just a healthy body and a piece of mat, yoga is suitable to follow this yoga sunrise.

Free Sunset Yoga at Niti Mandala Renon Field
Free Yoga in Bali are both still in the same place located in the field Niti Mandala Renon, precisely in east Bali People's Monument (Bajra Sandhi Monument). The practice of yoga here is start every afternoon at 5:00 to 6:00 pm. For those of you who could not join the practice of yoga in the morning due to work or other busy life, you can take a free yoga practice that afternoon. Anyone can come here for free yoga only with a capital of yoga mats. Yoga here is more dynamic and challenging compared with the movements in Sunrise Yoga.

Sunrise Yoga free at Sanur Beach
Free Yoga in Bali most fun is Sunrise Yoga at Sanur Beach. The practice of yoga is located in Sanur Beach, right in front of Inna Grand Bali Beach, every morning, at 7:00 to 8:00am. The practice of yoga doing on the white sand, with a natural accompaniment of music in the form of waves chasing each other on the beach. Really refreshing the eyes and ears. Yoga here combines various yoga flow yoga with dynamic and challenging.

Free Yoga in Bali last as known Sunrise Yoga on Sanur beach is a favorite for many people because it can be Yoga, looking at the blue sea and beautiful wave. Bali is really spoiling For Yoga lovers. Anyone can join for free yoga exercises, every day just with a capital of yoga mats. Yoga really going to make our health fresh inside and outside.

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