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Full of Dust Kelud Surabaya , Risma , Air Force and Police Mask Share

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Impact mount Kelud eruptions are up to the city of Surabaya, East Java. City of Heroes, dust from volcanic ashes were scattered everywhere. To minimize the effect to the dust and odor to the breath, and the Surabaya City Government Hospital for the Air Force-user to mask the street in front of Bungkul Park, Thursday morning ( 14/2 ).

From field observations, it appears Surabaya City Fire Dept., Candra Uratmangun also looked down to join the volunteers of the mask.

" Many had the mask. Surely we do not count, there are many boxes there , many are anyway, " Chandra said on the sidelines for - the mask.

The motorists, especially two-wheeler, seemed to stop and accept the mask giving the volunteers. The road users are receiving the mask was immediately pulled over and put on the mask .

Separately, in the red light Jalan Raya Darmo, exactly in front of the Masjid Alfalah or in front of the Surabaya Zoo, traffic police unit area major cities of Surabaya is also giving out masks.

According to the deputy head of traffic police unit area major cities of Surabaya, Commissioner Dhanu said, for sharing this mask aims to anticipate that mount Kelud dust up in Surabaya.

" The goal, as we all know, last night , Kelud has issued a volcanic ash. 's In anticipation of road users in Surabaya to use a mask and eye protection. Order effects caused by the volcanic ash we can overcome, " he said.

He also explained that the scattered ashes of vulkani Kelud that up to this Surabaya, quite dense and obscure the eyes.

" Anticipation, swirling dust of mount Kelud this dense, especially two-wheeler should be careful, because the road has also been filled with dust, smooth automatic , and eyes blurred because the dust is still flying, so it appealed to road users, must be careful, " said her.

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