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Fun Painting & Culinary Museum Antonio Blanco Bali

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Not only beach, Bali also has a unique museums such as the Museum of Don Antonio Blanco. Around the museum, the traveler can also play in the conservation of Bali starlings or tasting menu Bali and Europe in Rondji Restaurant.

When vacation to Bali, do not forget to visit one museum in Ubud which is very unique, that Don Antonio Blanco. In addition, there is also a restaurant which was really nice. Not only the food is delicious, but the panorama Rondji Restaurant was also very good.

The museum was founded in 1999 by the maestro Don Antonio Blanco. Previously, he traveled up to Ubud in 1952. At that Ubud is still held by the King of Ubud.

Antonio Blanco who was then aged 42 years straight painting typical cultural Ubud. Object through a girl from the village Penestanan, Rondji. Later, she became his wife.

The uniqueness of this museum, we can learn how art is seen very beautiful and meaningful. In this case require the setting, from the color, the object of the painting, and the frames are made very beautiful and amazing.

Then, not far from the museum there is also conservation of Bali starlings are no less beautiful. The owner, Mario Blanco starlings begin breeding until now the collection has more than 200 types. Everything is still maintained.

Not far from the museum, also attended Rondji Restaurant. This restaurant serves Balinese and European-style Antonio Blanco. You can try how delicious sauce mixed with vegetables Penestanan nuts.

Try also the matah sauce that accompanied its crispy fried duck, chicken betutu, or ribs honey sauce. Salad a la Blanco, the mesclun salad and grilled fish baramudi equally in favor of the other. Moreover, travelers can taste Campuhan hill with views of the restaurant.

Panorama is really beautiful, especially when you see this scene at 5:00 p.m. to 19:00 pm.

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