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Gadgets You Need to Bring when on Vacation

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Vacation in Bali

The gadget is very important to take vacation during the holidays so we are certainly more complete and the gadget will provide the maximum benefit for our vacation. However, the gadgets we carry should not be too excessive. Here is a list of gadgets that need to be taken during the holidays.

1. Smart Mobile (Smartphone)
Do not forget to always carry a smart phone which is the main gadged that should be taken. This smart phone comes with features and multimedia facilities, and also connected to the Internet.

This smart phone is connected to the Internet can be used to search for information relating to the location or information related to our holiday. Also with the smart mobile GPS facility to provide direction and the route to the destination location.

2. Camera
Indeed, there are facilities in the smart phone camera where the images can be directly uploaded to social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. However, you should also bring a DSLR camera or compact camera also where the resulting image can be explored more to produce images with better quality keepsake for you.

Use the Go-Pro camera for a holiday in nature, the camera with the shape and small size can be used on the field of extreme such as forests, mountain, river, even in the sea which certainly can not be done with smart cameras.

3. Powerbank
Powerbank is necessary to anticipate power your phone when it's finished but you can not find the source of electricity. You can still use your phone while charging at Powerbank. Because the phone you will quickly run out of its due pobud used for surfing the Internet to find information on your mobile phone and communicate and take pictures. So do not forget to always bring Powerbank.

4. Waterproof Gadget Bag
Use the special bag which is waterproof with a thick material to collect all the gadgets you bring order to your gadget is not damaged or exposed to water and can absorb impact.

5. Universal adapter and multicord (plug branched).
Not all venue provides a plug in accordance with the gadgets that we have so always carry a universal power jack on your vacation. And also always bring multicord so that you can use electricity for your gadgets at the same time.

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