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Garuda Indonesia plans to open a new international destinations in 2014

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Garuda Indonesia is planning to open a number of new international destinations in 2014 in order to develop and strengthen its flight network.

"Destinations of new international flights to London (UK), Manila (Philippines), and Mumbai (India)," said President Director of Garuda Indonesia Satar, Wednesday. So far, Singapore Airlines also fly the route Jakarta-Manila via Singapore, round-trip.

He said the development of destinations and routes continue Garuda, as throughout 2013 has opened two destinations and six new international routes.

As for domestic flights in 2013 has opened nine new destinations and 25 that resulted in the addition of as many as 80 domestic flights per day.

In addition, he said, the development of the fleet also carried out in anticipation of rising passenger flow of air transport services.

"The development of a new aircraft fleet through also intended to improve efficiency through fuel efficiency and lower the costs of aircraft maintenance," he said.

Previously, the Ministry of Transportation claiming Law No. 1/2009 on Aviation has managed to increase international confidence in such a diverse world-class financial institution on the condition of the national airline.

According to Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation, Herry Bakti, trust financial institutions worldwide is very high to the national airline is a positive impact of the implementation of the Aviation Law.

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