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Garuda Wisnu Kencana "GWK" Cultural Park

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Situated on a rock highland in south island, high on the Bukit dry land, three hundred meters on top of Bali’s bound, is that the Hindu deity Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park that provides a grand read on Jimbaran Bay and Kuta to the west, and Tanjung Benoa and Sanur to the east with the imposing Mount Agung and Mount Batur as its background.

Focal point of this Cultural Park is that the splendid Hindu deity Wisnu Kencana sculpture, which will reach a complete height of 126 meters, weighing 3,000 tons, which will be taller than the sculpture of Liberty in New York.

The sculpture depicts Lord Vishnu mounting the legendary Hindu deity bird, as manifestation of the conscience of Amerta, the Perennial Goodness.

At present, the twenty three meters high head and trunk of Lord Vishnu already stands in situ. Still in construction is that the big Hindu deity Bird. once completed, each the pinnacle and trunk of Lord Vishnu are going to be placed on the Hindu deity bird, that along can reach seventy five meters high with the Hindu deity wings spanning sixty four meters wide. the complete sculpture can then be placed on high of a sixty meters pedestal, in order that the full structure can stand 126 meters high. The statue’s structure is created of copper, brass, steel, with gold mosaic placed on such elements.

This unimaginable monument can then be visible from a twenty kilometer distance, and might be clearly viewed from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu and Tanah heap. guests are going to be ready to ascend within the sculpture to its chest level. From that height, guests can look down upon the foremost position of the unreal island of island.

Unfortunately, work on the sculpture had stalled sixteen years, however can currently finally be resumed, which is able to take 3 years to finish, same I Nyoman Nuarta, Indonesia’s creative person sculptor and creator of this painting sculpture. Having been delayed since 1997, this monument is projected to become AN exceptional landmark for Indonesia’s touristry during this trendy age.

Conceptionalized by sculptor I Nyoman Nuarta, actual work on the sculpture is, nevertheless, not undertaken in island, however within the artist’sworkshop, NuArt Studio, within the mountain city of city in West Java, involving several artists and specialists from numerous fields .

Born in Tabanan, Bali, in 1951, I Nyoman Nuarta is one amongst the Indonesia’s outstanding pioneers within the new visual movement since 1976. whereas still at school, in 1979 Nyoman Nuarta already won Indonesia’s Independence Declarators sculpture Competition. till at the present time, Nuarta has created over 100 statues that all mirror trendy art in sculpture that follows the representational vogue. Most of his statues ar made from copper and brass.

At the instant, regarding two hundred employees ar operating in NuArt Studio within the construction of this splendid sculpture. Upon completion, the sculpture are going to be sent in elements from city to island to be reassembled on the location at the Bukit solid ground.

As several as thirteen modules of the project ar presently being transported, that ar expected to succeed in island late Gregorian calendar month or early August 2013. the method of reassembling can price around IDR157 billions, even costlier than the work on the sculpture itself that took IDR150 billion. it'll take regarding four hundred large trucks to move elements of the 3,000 tons sculpture from city to the location in island. Modules are going to be transported piecemeal over the course of 3 years.

The Hindu deity Wisnu Kencana sculpture and park was initiated by members of the Hindu deity Wisnu Kencana Foundation, a bunch of potent folks, that embody Joop Ave, then Minister for touristry and Telecommunications , IB Sudjana, Minister for Mining and Energy, I created Mangku Pastika,current Governor of island, sculptor I Nyoman Nuarta, and variety of businessmen.


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