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Go Around The City Denpasar With Dokar? This The Cost...

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bali tour - dokar is traditional transportation

Although most people in Bali using private vehicles as a means of transport, but public transport still has enthusiasts.

Call it the dokar, which is often used as supporting tourism in Bali. See it while strolling in Jalan Gajah Mada, transport using horses as a driver of ground transportation is still interested in the people who live around Badung Market, Denpasar Bali.

Not only the local community, domestic and foreign tourists are also many who use carts to get around in the surrounding area Jalan Gajah Mada Heritage Denpasar. Not difficult to find a dokar in the region. Look at the area across the Badung market, it would seem some dokar and also public transport is parked waiting for passengers.

These vehicles can certainly become the preferred means of transport to get around in this area. For the dokar itself, fees charged to get around, which is about IDR 50,000 for one dokar.

The route taken, among others Gajah Mada, Kampung Jawa, also Catur Muka region. As for public transport cars, ranging from IDR 5,000, with a path to some point, such as Sanglah and Ubung. It is not denied, buggy or wagon is currently being abandoned local communities that were once more using his services when shopping at Badung Market.

bali tour - dokar at denpasar

Currently, the coachman dokar really rely on the tourists to use the services of transportation. It is experienced directly by I Nengah Purna, the man from Karangasem who has worked as a coachman dokar at Gajah Mada area since tens of years ago.

Admittedly, including himself, now only seven surviving owner dokar run this traditional transport business. "It's difficult, everyone has a personal vehicle. Yes, like me, now it's just hope at tourists, "said Nengah.

The fares start from US $ 100,000

Besides in Denpasar, the use of carts in Bali are still crowded Kuta area. Rates dokar was always stable compared with other transportation tariffs that use fuel oil. As disclosed a coachman dokar in Kuta, Husein.

"Still, the price at the moment. Still IDR 100,000 and IDR 200,000," said Hussein, one among a dozen service providers dokar at Kuta Beach.

Husein said, for domestic tourists, the price is still in the range of IDR 100,000. For foreign tourists the range of IDR 200,000.

"Open price is not that much anyway. Kan we also traders. But we did not immediately give an expensive price," he said near the dokar across from the Hard Rock Cafe, Kuta.

The price for a one-way trip, which is along Jalan Pantai Kuta, Jalan Melasti, Jalan Legian, turn again to Jalan Raya Kuta which later returned to the front of the Hard Rock Cafe, Kuta.
"It's difficult, everyone has a personal vehicle. Yes, like me, now it's just hope at tourists, "said Nengah.

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