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Google Use Name "KitKat" To Be A newst Android

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Google plans to soon release the latest version of Android's operating system. Interestingly, the search engine giant from the United States (U.S.), it chose the name "KitKat" for the latest android operating system in order to give good impression to the user's smartphone.

"This device can make life seem so sweet, every latest version of Android will be called with the names of dessert foods. Like all people who find it difficult to be away from the chocolate, so we decided to name the latest version of our favorite chocolates," Google wrote in a blog that reported by AFP on Wednesday (4/9).

Kit Kat is a chocolate-coated wafer name that was originally produced by a company in town Rowntree, England. Now, after the global KitKat is produced by Nestle.

Previously, Google has a series of unique names for each of its software. Of them as Cupcake, Donut, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean. According to Google, around the world there are currently more than one billion users smartphone with android operating system.

In a promotional boost, Google also always attract potential buyers with an offer of a gift. Prize offered was attractive, the Android tablet Nexus 7. The way is by buying a Kit Kat wrapper contained in andorid robot logo.

Last month, the International Data Corporation (IDC) released data that supported smartphone with android device successfully increased market globally. While iPhone sales began to weaken because the model is considered boring.

IDC noted the growth of the android smartphone market share reached 79.3 percent in the second quarter of last year, while the iPhone has dropped from 16.6 percent to 13.2 percent in the same period. However, according to IDC research team manager, Ramon Llamas, Apple is "well positioned" to win back market share with the release of the latest version of the iPhone and its iOS operating system next generation. (AFP / nam / ara / JPNN)

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