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Great benefits Drink Tea and Lemon

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Tea is an aromatic beverage. The tea itself is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Some people prefer black tea without milk and sugar. But now tea variants has changed and evolved.

A variant of which is green tea, oolong tea and milk tea quite known to the public today. There is also the addition of flavors such as lemon, which would make it fresh again. A few slices of lemon can be added to black tea, which will provide aroma and taste different drinks.

Drinking lemon tea every day, can be very rewarding. To get the optimal effect of lemon tea, we must be good mix them. First boiled water, a mixture of tea in it, after boiling, remove from heat and let stand for a few minutes, add the lemon juice or lemon slices, you can also add sugar or honey.

1. Good for digestion. Lemon tea will strengthen your digestive system, as well as help in detoxification that occurs in the digestive system. Lemon tea also mambentu cleanse the digestive system of the junk food that you eat.

2. Helping the nervous system. Sraf lemon tea will soothe the nerves are tense, and strengthens the nerves in the brain, thus helping to lower stress levels. Lemon tea will provide a calming effect.

3. Improving the cardio system. Blockages that occur in the circulatory system, can make us exposed to various diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and others. Flavonoids contained in tea will help cleanse the system that clog the blood circulation.

4. Maintain the supply of insulin. As we know, insulin will be helping with burn glucose in the blood, so we will be free of diabetes. By consuming lemon tea regularly, the body produces insulin activity will remain intact.

5. Maintain metabolism. Start your day with a glass of warm lemon tea, is a very good thing. Help you improve your mood, as well as maintain the vitality of the body stay fit.

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