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Greet the New Year, the City Government of Denpasar Culture Holds Parade

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Sambut Tahun Baru, Pemkot Denpasar Gelar Parade BudayaAlthough the rain did not deter the Denpasar Government removing sun in 2013 and welcome the new year 2014 with a cultural parade held.

Leisure and culture event held the sun 2013 Chess Statue Front Denpasar region was preceded by an interfaith prayer.

Cultural parade followed by all school children greeted enthusiastically by the Denpasar city residents and foreign tourists who are willing to jostle to be watched.

" I love the culture of Bali. 's The first time I saw immediately a variety of dance and culture. During this time I only saw on television, " said Cathy, tourists from Mexico when encountered in the location of cultural parades, Tuesday ( 12/31/2013 ).

Cultural parade witnessed by the Denpasar Mayor IB Rai Mantra Dharmawijaya showing various Balinese art and culture both traditional Balinese dance and the art of modern dance drama.

" This culture event will continue to be held annually before the turn of the year, " said Rai Mantra.

Rai Mantra expect, in addition to providing entertainment to the citizens as well as foreign tourists who holiday in Bali, it could be a cultural parade toward the end of the tourist icon.

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