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Grouse pheasant is one of the world's rarest birds

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Grouse pheasant are a group of birds from the order Galliformes. They are often considered entry into the family Tetraaonidae, although oneness American ornithologist set Grouse pheasant into the family Phasianidae Tetraoninae subfamily. Grouse pheasant feed and subarktik temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, from pine forests to moorland and mountain sides. Grouse look like most other Galliformes birds like chickens. Their size varies, from the size of 31 cm and a mass of 0.3 kg of up to 95 cm with a mass of 6.5 kg. Size grouse males larger than females, and can be twice the size as Capercaillie, the largest species in this family. Their feet were covered with feathers to the toes, and in the winter fuzz growing up the side toes to ease them walk on snow. Unlike chickens, they do not have toes that stands on the back foot.

These birds are generally herbivores, they eat the buds, leaves, twigs, and so forth. Accounting for 95 percent of the mass of the plant food is. But their food varies each season. Grouse pheasant newly hatched young are fed insects and invertebrates, and gradually decreases towards the diet to adult grouse. Some species that live in the forest eating conifer needles, which are not favored most vertebrates. To digest food, grouse have a large cache and has a length of intestine that comes with the cecum that contains symbiotic cellulose-digesting bacteria. Grouse species that live in the woods just gathered in the fall and winter. More social species grassland, and tundra species are the most social, they form a herd of up to 100 birds in winter. The whole grouse spend their entire lives in the land, even when there is a danger sign them off and away quickly. Most species dwell in their breeding area all year round and take a few seasonal migration. Some individual species such as Ptarmigan and Willow Grouse pheasant migrate hundreds of kilometers away.




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