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He was the First Governor of Bali

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Balinese people just choose the governor on May 15, 2013. Elected governor would become the Governor of Bali the 10th. Well, do you know who the governor of Bali the first?

Anak Agung Bagus Sutedja (1923 - 1966) was the first Governor of Bali, appointed by ex-President Soekarno in 1958 when Bali became a province. Sutedja was the son of the last King of Jembrana, Anak Agung Bagus Negara.

First served in 1950 to 1958, appointed by decision of the Regional Governing Council as the leader of executive agency Bali. While the Regional Representatives Council (DPRDS) replaces Paruman Agung authority consisting of representatives of the eight kingdoms in Bali as a legislative agency.

After briefly punctuated by I Gusti Bagus Oka as Acting Regional Head of Bali in 1958 to 1959, he was re-selected in December 1959 as Governor of Bali. Second term ended a few months after the G30S/PKI 1965. Subsequently he was replaced by I Gusti Putu Martha.

Anak Agung Good Sutedja mysteriously disappeared on July 29, 1966 in Jakarta. He is thought to be the victim of a political kidnapping that occurred at that time. 

Jembrana son's disappearance caused much speculation. There are states, Sutedja killed by a political conspiracy, but some are interpreting him to go abroad for being linked with the bloody tragedy of 1965.

In the times of the 1950s, Sutedja known to be close with ex-President Soekarno. Anak Agung Istri Ngurah Sunitri (82), wife of Sutedja once declared, she and her husband often accompany Soekarno during a visit to Tampaksiring in official activities.

In 1965s Soekarno frequent visits to the Palace Tampaksiring. When he comes to the palace, Soekarno often invites Megawati.

Until now, the mystery still surrounds loss of AA Bagus Sutedja. Although already in pelebon (cremated in Hindu) which means it has been recognized death, cause of death would not be expressed clearly.

The biggest speculation circulating, Sutedja among the victims 'cleansing' after G30S PKI because it was considered close to Bung Karno. From the older ones who never felt the Sutedja government could only memories thrown.

Some people assessing, Sutedja enough good at that time in the lead of Bali. In his time, the condition of Indonesian politics is being heated. In Bali, then there are 2 major party PKI and PNI. According Sunitri, against her husband's political party is trying not to take sides anywhere. 

As the Governor of Bali, when it Sutedja requested for a quiet by Soekarno after the tragedy of 1965. But, December 2, 1965, Puri Negara started disturbed with the destruction undertaken hundreds of people. . The destruction of the allegations made ​​by Puri Negara involved G30S PKI.

Getting this news Bung Karno immediately called Sutedja in Jakarta, December 3, 1965. Until disappeared on July 29, 1966, Sutedja still in Jakarta and stayed at Senayan Complex Number 261/262. 

According to AA Gede Agung, the eldest son of Sutedja, dated July 29, 1966 at around 09.00 Sutedja picked up 4 people in military uniforms using Nissan cars. Sutedja asked to come to SKOGAR at Merdeka Barat. According to Gede Agung, without the slightest suspicion of his father's meet this call.

When the evening before without any news, his mother Anak Agung Ngurah Istri Sunitri restless and went to the headquarters skogar. Here she gets an answer, no one picked or ordered Sutedja to come to skogar. Finding these answers, Sunitri directly report to the Minister of Home Affairs. The search process is done in vain. Sutedja fate is not clearly known. 

Searches conducted Puri Negara family continues from the loss until the reign of Soeharto to Megawati. The long search finally closed with pelebon ceremony on July 23, 2006.

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