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Here it is 5 Tips Traveling to the Rice Field

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Bali - Want to go back to nature, sometimes so excuse leisure traveler chose to rice. But you know what needs to be done before and when traveling to get there? Here are the tips.

In many major cities, such as Jakarta, where rice is very rare. One could even say its existence is gone. No wonder so many people choose to fill the holiday, seeing green rice fields in the countryside.

But you know what to do if you want to traveling to the rice fields? Here's 5 tips to do before traveling to the rice fields:

1. Wear sunblock

The first thing to do traveler who would walk into the rice fields is to use sunblock. In the field usually minimal trees that can dispel heat.

This means that you will be exposed to direct sunlight. If you do not want to burn the skin, it helps to use a sunblock or sunscreen.

2. Use headgear

In addition to sunscreen, another thing is to be prepared headgear. Hat or umbrella could be an option. Head exposed to direct sun can be a headache instantly. It's certainly not disrupt holiday?

3. Wear sandals or boots

The most appropriate footwear to use when going to the rice is to use sandals. The rice fields are usually filled with mud. By using sandals, your feet will be step was light, instead of using a shoe.

However, if you do not want scratched legs due, you can use the boots. Choose from plastic boots. In addition to light to be used on the muddy ground, you are also easier to clean.

4. Do not wear jeans

Another thing to consider is to avoid using jeans. Shorts or pants better material than jeans pants. This is to facilitate your movement.

5. Do not remove any

Here comes the most important part of traveling to the rice fields. Never pull out any plants there, especially rice. Appreciate the work of farmers with no damage to paddy areas, such as stepping or uproot plants.

Walk in the rice field provided. Never step over a piece of land used to grow rice.




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