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High Buddha statue built in Bali

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A Buddha statue in Gilimanuk Jembrana regency, Bali which construction cost about 1 billion more, claimed to be the tallest Buddha statue in Indonesia.

"Hopefully, this Buddha statue a new icon so that it can be a tourist attraction coming to Bali," said Chairman of the Council of Buddhism, Theravada Indonesia (Magabudhi) Bali, Sudiarta Indrajaya in his official statement in Denpasar, on Friday (01/01/2013).

For tourists and other people who come to the island, it's amazing to see the building, not far from the Port Gilimanuk or exactly in the area of ​​Temple professor Astapaka, Gilimanuk.

Building this statue, he added, has an 25-meter high and is touted tallest Buddha statue in Indonesia. During this time, never made ​​this high Buddha statue, in other areas in the country. That way, their presence will be a new icon for the Thousand Islands this temple.

In addition to having the highest privilege as a statue, its design also distinctively Indonesia. "It will be a new icon, Bali as the island of Dharma. Tourists who come, can also see where this Buddha statue," he said.

With a new icon for Bali, it is expected that could add a new attraction in the region Gilimanuk as the main gate of the island of Java. He added that the establishment of Buddha statue at the site and not to the place of worship alone.

Other residents or tourists, who would go on to Bali or otherwise will leave Bali, can stop by to aeral Temple professor Astapaka while building artistic look scarce. Planned, Indonesia's highest statue will be unveiled on June 6, 2013.

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