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High season is coming to Bali

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Most parts of the island are getting plenty of sun; the sky looks much clearer, and more tourists are arriving at the airport. High season has apparently descended upon Bali.

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) had forecast that climate shifts would still be apparent during April for most areas in Bali, while the remainder would have to wait until May or June.

“By mid-June, the dry season will have arrived in all areas of Bali," BMKG Jembrana station head Wakodim told Bali Daily last month.

Ten out of 15 climate zones in Bali would have entered the dry season by early May, including Klungkung regency, parts of Gianyar regency, Nusa Penida Island, Karangasem, south Tabanan, northeast Bangli, parts of Badung, and most of Buleleng and Jembrana.

The wet season in Bali last year came quite late, in November, with some locals assuming the lateness was due to the laser-like beams shot toward the sky to disperse the clouds in order to prevent the three major construction projects being carried out on the island – the Simpang Siur underpass, the over-sea highway, and airport expansion – from being halted by rain.

With the dry season this year starting at the normal time, Bali will be an appealing destination, especially for tourists from countries experiencing winter at this time of year.

“Our high season start in May and lasts until September," marketing communications manager at the Alila Villas Soori resort in Tabanan, Devina Hindom, said last week.

Devina said that, aside from European tourists, Asian tourists were also flocking to Bali.

"Especially the South Koreans, who are currently undergoing a wedding season in their country; they came here for their honeymoons," she added.


Traveling during Bali's high season

High season in Bali means that popular tourist destinations, such as Kuta and Seminyak, along with other areas in the southern part of the island, will be packed with people.

That is why, lately, Bali has been campaigning strongly to promote the northern half of the island. Many areas in the north are attractive and worth seeing. Some even consider the pristine land of the north to be more appealing than areas in the south of Bali.

Some of the choices in the north include beautiful beaches in Karangasem regency, the Green Park in west Bali and also the coast of Singaraja.

These lesser-known tourist spots are generally lively during high season, but they are still not as crowded as the more famous destinations.

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