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Humans estimated Eternal Life Year 2045

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By 2045, humans will achieve digital immortality by uploading their minds into computers or at least as observers believed the future. That idea led to the idea of ​​the Global Futures 2045 International Congress, futuristic conference held June 14-15.

Conference was initiated by the Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov crazy blends science and science fiction. The conference featured speakers who have different backgrounds, from science figures like Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, and Marvin Minsky until Swamis and other spiritual leaders.

Kurzweil, an inventor, future observers, and technical leader at Google, predicts that by 2045, the technology will surpass the brain power to create something super clever, an era known as the singularity (in the future era when computers become more intelligent than humans ). Other scientists also have said that the robots will beat humans in 2100.

According to Moore's law, computer power doubling every two years. A number of technologies are also experiencing similar progress, from a series of genetic samapai 3D printing, says Kurzweil told conference participants. He illustrates his point with a series of graphics showing an increase in diverse technologies is not inevitable.

By 2045, "Based on a conservative estimate of the number of calculation, you must imitate the human brain, we will be able to develop our intelligence billions of times," said Kurzweil.
Itskov and people called "transhumanist" considers the singularity that would occur as a digital eternity.

More specifically, they believe that in the next few decades humans will be able to upload their minds into a computer, beyond the biological needs of the body. At least for now, the idea sounds like science fiction. But in reality, neural engineering a major step towards the formation of the brain and the development of technology to restore or replace biological functions.

Artificial brain
Greatest achievement has been made in the field of brain-computer display or BCIs (Brain-Machine Interfaces). Cochlear implants, cochlear nerve place electronically stimulates the brain to restore the sense of hearing someone who is hard of hearing is the first achievement of BCI. Many groups are now developing BCIs to restore motor skills, following nervous system damage resulting from stroke or spinal cord injury.

Jose Carmena and Michel Maharbiz, electrical engineer at the University of California, Berkeley, seeks to develop motor skills BCIs. The device consists of a pill-sized device electrodes that record neural signals from the motor area of ​​the brain, which is then parsed by a computer and used to control a computer cursor or artificial limb (like a robotic arm).

Carmena and Maharbiz reveal the challenges to make the BCI can work stably for some time and do not need a link.

Theodore Berger, a neurologist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, make BCIs to the next stage, by developing an artificial memory. Berger intends to replace the brain's hippocampus, the part of the brain that alter momori short term (such as pressing the button) and turn it into a digital signal.

The signal straight to the computer and then transferred to mathematically and then returned again to the brain, to be patented long-term memory.

He has successfully tested the device on rats and monkeys, and is now applied to human patients.

Mind uploading
The conference became more interesting when Martine Rothblatt, lawyer, author, and entrepreneur, and CEO of biotechnology company United Therapeutics Corp.. appear to the podium. His conversation was provocative title, "The Purpose of Biotechnology is the End of Death."

Rothblatt introduced the concept of "mindclone" - the digital version of the man who can live forever. He describes how the idea of ​​cloning is made of "mindfile," or the place where our online personality, which he said had been possessed humans (eg in the form of Facebook).

Mindfile it will run on mindware, a type of software to consciousness. "The first company to develop mindware will have (access to) thousands of Google," Rothblatt said.

However, whether it can live mindclone? Rothblatt sure can. He quotes a definition of life as a development code to avoid chaos. Some critics dismissed what Rothblatt calls "Cartesian dualism that scary," asserted that the mind must have a biological form. Instead, he believes the software and hardware as well as a wet device, or biological materials.

Rothblatt then discuss implikai of making mindclone. Sustainability themselves into the issue, because it would no longer inhabit the persona of a biological body. There was also a mindclone rights, which would be a "controversy" in the 21st century, Rothblatt said. Even mindclone development and redrawn after death is also discussed.

Quantum world
In connection with the discussion of the brain and the technology of mind uploading, many are discussing the nature of consciousness in the universe. Physicist Roger Penrose of the University of Oxford and some parties rejected the interpretation that the brain is not just a computer.

Penrose states that consciousness is a quantum mechanical phenomenon that emerged from the wonders of the universe. Those who come from intellectuals such as Penrose considers that brain uploading will require a quantum computer, whose development is unlikely to occur in 2045.

However Itskov think otherwise. President of the Global Future 2045 Congress insisted the 32-year-old to be able to live forever.

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