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Hunting The Waterfalls around Mount Rinjani

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waterfall tiu kelep

Mount Rinjani in Lombok north holds so much beauty feast for the eyes. Starting from the unique flora and fauna, stunning crater lake, and children volcano views. One thing that is not known to many people is the existence of a gorgeous waterfall there.

Mount Rinjani is home to several waterfalls with crystal clear water. The most famous is Sindang Gila Waterfall and Tiu Kelep. The second waterfall is located in the village of Senaru. Travelers can visit her before explore to Rinjani, because Senaru is a gateway Rinjani trekking paths.

waterfall sindang gila

Sindang Gila Waterfall oozing from a height of over 40 meters, flowing through green plants are beautiful to look. While Kelep Tiu waterall is too high offers a different beauty. Although it is not too high, this waterfall has a pond with clear water and cool. many tourists who bathe or just soaking your feet in there.

waterfall benang kelambu

There is also a twin waterfalls Benang Stoke. Both of them are the type of waterfall cascade with water flow spread. If at first glance like a row of white thread hanging from a height.

waterfall jeruk manis

Waterfall Jeruk Manis may not be as beautiful as Sindang Gila, Tiu Kelep, and Benang Stoke. But Sweet Orange water is believed to cure various diseases. In the waterfall is often held customary ritual to cure diseases. In addition there is Waterfall Sekeper with beautiful view as well.

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